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What's Covered

Getting Started

Every journey begins with the first step. In this ebook you’ll learn the fundamentals to get started the right way.

Analyzing Deals

It’s all about the numbers. I’ll teach you how to run the numbers to make sure you’re making a wise investment and not buying a liability.


Conventional, FHA, VA, Hard Money. There are tons of ways to get a deal financed, we break down each one and more.

Building Your Team

There’s no “I” in “Team” or “Wealth”. Attaining financial freedom is a team sport. We explain the key roles and how to put your championship squad together.

What You'll Get

Imagine a life where your bills and expenses are covered, you travel when you want, you work if and when you want, and most importantly, you get the time back to be with the ones you love. That and more is what is possible through real estate.

Why should you invest in this book?


Who Am I?

My name is Stefan Grant, described by MIEUX MAG as “Hard work and hustle’s poster child” I’ve built a reputation over the years via my roles as an entrepreneur, investor, realtor, branding specialist, designer & marketer. My passions involve family, travel, reading, building great businesses, creating generational wealth & financial literacy.

Client Testimonials


I’ve been interested in learning about real estate for a long time. Your book was informative and I loved the conversational tone. Thanks again.

Desi-rae T.

Thanks to your book my boyfriend and I just invested in our first duplex!

Lo B.


Your real estate guide was the best introduction I could have gotten!

Loni a.

Just got my copy of The Beginner’s Guide To Real Estate Investing. Brother, thank you for all that you do! Follow Stefan for the low down on real estate!!!

Flint W.

flintwood B

Only $47

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