The Price Just Went Up: Why The Game Is To Be Sold, Not Told.

Ever since I was young I’ve always had great ideas and been a creative person. Always drawing something, trying to figure out how things worked, doing experiments, etc. I always thought every kid grew up the way I did and grew into young adults who saw the world I did.

Besides being a creative, I’ve also always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I’d say I got that from my parents, siblings, and older homies. And hip-hop. Watching guys like Hov, Diddy, Master P, Rick Ross, and other rap legends also display their business savvy inspired me to not only pursue my creative endeavors, but also to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams as well.

Throughout my years of honing my creative skills, I went to school for communications, studied the entertainment industry, went to film school, minored in psychology, practiced photography, songwriting, producing, and tons of other things. While doing that, I was also monetizing those hustles in whatever ways I could. Figuring things out as I went along. Those years of self-education, semi-apprenticeship from great people I met, and just making mistakes, I was able to learn a lot.

My biggest mistake throughout and even after this was underestimating my intellect, creativity, ideation, and execution. Whenever I come up with something and execute it, even if its imperfect, I make it happen and it often tends to work out. Sometimes massively. Whenever I stop listening to myself and doubting my ideas, I’m reminded to stick to my gut.

Those moments of success and the major wins have helped me gain a great reputation as an entrepreneur, creative, marketer, and hustler extraordinaire (dusts shoulders off & pops collar) and they’re the fuel that remind me to keep going.

I’ve had a few profound moments in the past couple years that let me know I wasn’t crazy.

  1. When I announced my idea for Noirbnb and the world responded with such love and engagement.
  2. When Airbnb started using some of my intellectual property.
  3. When I connected with great mentors and advisors.

There have been a few of those, but one thing I’ve realized, the more I study successful entrepreneurs, connect with mentors, and do some self-reflection, the more I realize that what I considered my own personal philosophies and perspectives were also that of moguls and business figures that I look up to.

Over the years I’ve worked with great brands, businesses, groups, and people. The more I look back on my life the more I realize why I was able to be in those rooms and facilitate those relationships.

Because I know what the f*** I’m talking about.

I spent years giving free advice to people who never acted on it. Trying to rally groups of people toward a worthy cause. Attempting to build great businesses with people who lacked vision and resilience, and after a while, after a few failures, you start to think maybe you’re just not cut out for it.

That was my journey. But the more I got up and tried again. The more I refined my ideas. And the more I connected with others like myself, the more I realized I wasn’t crazy.

The reason why Consultants, Coaches, Mentors, Advisors, and other charge for their time is because their time is super valuable. They’ve made the mistakes you’re trying to avoid. They’ve done the things you’re trying to do. And most importantly, if they weren’t spending their time speaking with and helping you, they’d be doing and building something incredible.

The reason they don’t do these things for free is because when you give people free advice, they think you don’t know what you’re talking about. You gave them the info for free, so it must be worthless. Right?


If people gave away Gucci, Chanel, & Louis Vuitton for free, you’d see no value in it. You’d mow your lawn or sleep in it. We don’t appreciate free things.

We value things because they come at a premium. As things that have taken time, energy, effort, knowledge, and experience should.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why the game is to be sold, not told.

The reason you charge a premium for your knowledge and the services you provide is because you’ve amassed years of experience and expertise. Not only that, you’re actually doing your clients a disservice by NOT charging them what you’re supposed. If you undervalue your work, you’re undermining yourself. You won’t be excited or enthusiastic to take part in your work. You won’t be able to sustain yourself, your employees, or build a viable business.

That’s also why the price has just gone TF UP, because if you value your time, you have to value your worth. And know it.

These thoughts inspired me to design these “the price just went up.” apparel pieces. As a reminder to myself and others to know your worth. If you’re an entrepreneur, investor, employee, student, graduate, athlete, teacher, whatever. This one’s for you.

These pieces are available now on

In the paraphrased words of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter…

“Set the price and live your life”

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