I’m doing a TEDx Talk!

I’ve been watching TED Talks for years and they’ve always been major sources of inspiration and information. Hearing the stories of some of the world’s entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, and game-changers from the source has been invaluable. I’m honored to say that I’ve been selected to do my own TEDx Talk down here in South Florida!

The way that I received the opportunity was super random. I was leaving the Apple Store after replacing one of my AirPods. While sitting outside the store and syncing them with my phone, I ran into an old friend from High School. We caught up briefly about life, careers, etc. and just as we had said our goodbyes and were walking away, she stopped and asked me if I’d be interested in doing a TEDx Talk because she’d heard about the opportunity and thought I’d be a good fit. Obviously I jumped at the chance.

The only issue was (because, of course it’s never that easy), the deadline to submit my audition video was a couple days away. Not only did I have to think of a subject to speak on, I had to record, edit, and submit this video and pray it’d be something the panel would be interested in.

I sat for a while and pondered about exactly what my TEDx Talk would, could, and should be about. Should I speak about the Black Travel Movement and my reasoning for starting Noirbnb? Should I discuss the importance of Real Estate and how it can be a vehicle to help Black people build wealth? With there being so many things I have a genuine interest in and passion for, it was difficult to choose just 1 thing. But sometimes, you just have to keep it simple.

I thought, what’s the connecting thread? What’s the underlying facilitator of all the things I genuinely care about? After a while it became obvious. Technology. More specifically, my speech will be “Why Technology is the Great Equalizer for the African Diaspora”.

I made a quick video in the front of my house, talking ridiculously fast as i always do. I spoke for about 2 minutes about my passion for technology, the multitude of value it has given to the community, myself, and the untapped potential it has, to propel us into a beautiful future. I submitted the video with a hope of being selected, but also trying to remove any expectation, while appreciating the opportunity regardless. I honestly didn’t think I’d be chosen because I’d submitted so late. A week or so later I was told that I’d been selected and I could’ve done a backflip!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been interested in technology and figuring out how things work. I’ve been using the computer and the internet for more than half my life, maybe like 90% of my life, and it’s given me the ability to connect with great people, build cool businesses, execute dope ideas, and explore my deepest curiosities. It’s helped me connect with others such as myself and foster a genuine community of creatives and disruptors.

The TEDx Talk will be happening on June, 22nd 2019 at the African American Research Library & Cultural Center. If you’re in South Florida or you’ll be in the SoFla area, I’d love to have you in the building.

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There will also be a Day Party/Fundraiser for the event on April 20th at 4pm. Tickets for that are available HERE.

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